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My Story:

When I got to school the 2nd semester and started to take electives related to my major Biology, one class stuck out, Nutrition. So I chose to take this class.  It wasn’t too long that I realized that I had been missing something in my athletic endeavors. I began to apply what I had learned in this class along with doing tons of research on every diet I could. I then began to lose weight and my athletic career took off. I began doing cardiovascular training, along with the diet and weight training. Things continued to improve on the field and off. I even did a bodybuilding show! This was just the beginning for me, and I continued to gather information on dieting and applied it. Some things worked some didn’t.

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Customized Nutrition Plans By Cass Strength

Nutrition is key to any exercise plan. Most individuals think that with exercise alone their fitness goals can be reached. Unfortunately, more often than not this is not the case. Metabolic rate and diet go hand in hand and if the body is not kept in a positive flow of the proper nutrients metabolic rates lose ground and wind up storing body fat. We can help! Many factors influence the diet we customize for our clients. Lifestyle, age, likes, dislikes, prospective goals are all factored into our diet plans.

Changing your body involves a combination of things.  Exercise, nutrition, and the God-given genetics that we all have play a dramatic role.  Diets and exercise are often victims of fashion, trends, and public charisma.  If all the metabolic miracles and exercise routines fulfilled their claims we would all look like Arnold and lift like Coan.  Unfortunately, the creation of most diets, health foods, and exercise programs are not inspired by optimal health, but consumerism.  I have a very versatile background in exercise physiology and nutrition. Whether your goals are powerlifting, bodybuilding, sport-specific, or general fitness, I can help. Each nutrition program should be individualized based upon areas of need. Customized workouts to help you meet your goals are also available. Contact me for more information on my nutrition programs.

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