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Brandon Cass: My journey in fitness began as a child being raised in a non-traditional home. My parents were divorced when I was two and my Mom chose to move in with my grandparents.  Although my Grandparents took wonderful care of me they were not the most health conscious, my Grandma loved to fry! We would have fried steak, potatoes, gravy and good old bread and butter. Needless to say I enjoyed that kind of food a little too much. During my grade school and high school years I struggled with my weight and along with my self esteem.  Always being involved in sports growing up, I had the opportunity to play college football with a scholarship. In my first semester I ate, lifted weights, went to my classes, and played football. I was strong as an ox, and even won teen nationals in 1993, but I was slow and ballooned up to 315 lbs. Read More About Us ->

Look For Brandon at the Mr. Olympia Contest In Las Vegas - September 24-25

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Changing your body involves a combination of things.  Exercise, nutrition, and the God-given genetics that we all have play a dramatic role.  Diets and exercise are often victims of fashion, trends, and public charisma.  If all the metabolic miracles and exercise routines fulfilled their claims we would all look like Arnold and lift like Conan.  Unfortunately, the creation of most diets, health foods, and exercise programs are not inspired by optimal health, but consumerism.  I have a very versatile background in exercise physiology and nutrition. Whether your goals are powerlifting, bodybuilding, sport-specific, or general fitness, I can help. Each nutrition program should be individualized based upon areas of need. Customized workouts to help you meet your goals are also available. Contact me for more information on my nutrition programs.

VIDEO: Brandon "C4″ Cass Competition Raw Deadlifts 838 Pounds at 217 Pounds Bodyweight !

Angle two

2010 CLASH OF THE TITANS - Brandon Lifts 800 lbs for 1st Place!

Brandon Cass Breaks World Record Again - 805 RAW DEADLIFT/USPF

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